Stop worrying of things that are beyond your control,stop fearing things upon which you have no power or control,these are all plots of shaytaan to put you into despondency and hopelessness and to steer you away from the right path.

Always adopt a means and leave your trust in ALLAH,let him deal and take care of the outcome,why stress yourself with things that are beyond your control.

If your fear directs you towards an action, then adopt a means and undertake that by placing your full trust in ALLAH and if your fears and worries do not direct you to any actions,are they worth being given such authority,should things that you have no capability upon resolving have such authority over you? something to really ponder bout…

For e.g One Fears the punishment of the grave,that Fear is directing one towards an action of preparing for the grave before one enters into it,it is a fear that is welcomed,upon which one does have capability to a certain extent to make a change to the outcome by means of ones actions.

But then there is a fear of loosing a loved one in the distant future,does this fear direct one towards an action,is there any action that one can resort to to prevent this loss???

It is a matter beyond ones physical ability,so these are fears that should be dispelled.

They should be dispelled by making dua and leaving the rest in the hands of the one who has full control over the matter,these are things beyond our power and should not be matters that consume us.

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